Trekking Alps and COVID-19: Update

We can start again hike together, whenever you will want.

In Italy, the Coronavirus hit hard, as in many other countries, unfortunately. We still don’t know how this Pandemic will affect our world but right now, here, the situation is getting back to what it used to be. Honestly, I do not want to call it “normality”, because I am quite skeptical about the way we were living, especially in terms of sustainability. Our old “Normality” could lead us to a broader disaster; Without a vaccine, this time. So I hope that Coronavirus can help us to change our lifestyle, in order to prevent another much bigger wave of change in our lives brought by Climate Change.

By the way my message here is: If you want to come hiking in Italy, it is now possible for us to organize your hiking holidays. Mountains are quite safe in terms of Social Distancing and we will be even more motivated to bring you in the less touristic area and let you discover off the beaten tracks area. Local and as authentic as possible.

There are some rules to follow and in particular, there are two main changes:

1. the unguarded hut this year will not be accessible.

2. Lodges will not provide blankets, for hygienic reasons. So you will need to bring up a light sleeping bag.

So, many tours online will need some changes. But there is not much of a problem: Lodges and Tent will allow us to organize a tour as flexible as usual. Of course, you have to check travel restrictions from your country but honestly, my perception is that soon, everything will be possible again.

So feel free to contact us and we’ll start again organizing our tour, even more trying to be as environmentally sustainable, helping economically depressed mountain areas, and giving all our experience to offer you the most memorable possible vacation.

See you soon!

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