Alternatives to Tour of Mont Blanc or Dolomites

Tour of Mont Blanc (TMB) or Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the most famous trekking in the world. The place is gorgeous and the Mont Blanc is certainly one of the most beautiful mountain of the world. Said so, the Tour of Mont Blanc have a big problem: it is overcrowded and this is why many people should search for an alternative to Tour of Mont Blanc.

As trekking is growing in popularity in the last years, there are few hikes in the world who become super famous: Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro, Inca Trail,…. and Tour of Mont Blanc.

I do not have anything against TMB but honestly, I do not understand why people should all hike in the same path. One if not the most beautiful feeling in hiking is the contact with Nature. And these hikes became rapidly the least wild hike you can think about. In July August, TMB is basically a motorway of hikers. It is a good choice if you are not super expert and you want to do a Self Guided hikes as you are sure to meet people in case you will be lost or you will have an injury. You are sure that in 10 minutes someone will hike next to you. But if what you seek is wilderness you have to search for something different.

I born in Turin, 150 Km away from Mont Blanc and all the area is amazingly beautiful. I basically avoid Mont Blanc region for the summer months as is super busy with people brought by a big travel agency, especially from America, France and Korea. If you move even by 15 Km the situation is quite different. If you move by 50Km the wild is still there. If you are familiar with David Attenborough you maybe know what I am talking about. Humans are occupying most of the planet territories, and the wilderness is less and less. The Alps are quite an exception. Many areas have been abandoned in the last century and the wilderness grew back. More forest, more deers, wolf came back… the nature is quite healthy in most of the Alps…. except where there is mass tourism. Which means, where there are Ski resort, in the famous Dolomites and the Tour of Mont Blanc. Dolomites are an area in the east alps with similar features of TMB: very beautiful, too many tourists. Here you can find more info about the dolomites.

If you want some wild alternatives to the Tour of Mont Blanc, search in this website. Gran Paradiso is becoming also quite popular but far less than TMB. If you want real wild you have to head south in Piedmont Alps. Over here you can hike for days meeting a few persons per day.

If you want more info just contact us. The Alps are huge and there is no reason to all go in the same crowded places.

You may argue that there is a reason why Tour of Mont Blanc is so famous, because is more beautiful than other places. It is certainly beautiful but my point is that is as beautiful as other, but it has the biggest minus in having too many people. Look the pictures here below: some of them are in the Mont Blanc Area, most of them are not. Can you tell the difference? Do you clearly see a more beautiful landscape than another? I can’t.

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