Trekking in May in Italy

The spring season is always pretty unpredictable. If you are planning a trekking in may in italy you have to be ready for any conditions. The spring blew up in the last weeks with green colours, flowers and the start of the life coming back to the mountains. When suddenly the temperature have fallen down and it snowed pretty much even below 1000 meters. So the hike we had with Shane, that came from Australia expecing the spring and summer conidtions turns out to be an almost winter hike! Well at the end he was very happy as the landscape was gorgeous and he do not have many chance to see snow in the other part of the world.

As you see from the pictures Malciasussia lake lookd amazing and the Rocciamelone was towering over a majestic landscapes of snow and ble sky. We had the chance to see a fox, listen many marmots and spot couple of groups of ibexes, resting in the mountains. Enjoy a trekking in May in Italy is a great idea. You just have to be ready for every conditions. And that was the mood of Shane that definitively brought his good mood in the Alps!

Malciaussia Lake is in one of the Lanzo Valley, more specifically the Viu Valley. You can enjoy many of the hikes in these wonderful wild and almost unknown valley enjoying the silence of Nature! You can reach Malciaussia lake by car in summer but for the rest of the year the road is closed in Margone village. That means that if you want to reach the lake you have to do a trekking that in this case was a snowshoes trekking in may. This is quite unusual as a woman said to me yesterday when we were buying the sandwhiches: it is the first time in 74 years that it snows in the 1st of May.

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