Val Maira 3 Days Hike

Val Maira is a very beautiful places that is going to be more and more explored. It is called the west dolomites and from the pictures you see this name is definitively respecting this name. There are several different unguarded hand guarded shelter where to sleep but because in August most of the Italian business are closed and all people goes out we did bring our Ferrino tents. And it was a perfect decision as the Bivacco Barenghi was completely full. The path to reach the 2815 meters is pretty steep and long. We did have some hiking mates along the way and at the end I am very proud that Susannah and Nathalie could reach the hut. We could enjoy couple of extra blankets from the Bivacco and our sleep in the tent was very comfortable and warm.

The next day it was another extra effort to reach the Tete de la Frema at more than 3100 meters. Up there the landscape of the Alps looks like a moon. No more space for vegetation but only rock formations. This winter did not snow much so the waterfall and the streams are pretty dry alrady.
Nevertheless the view of the mountains of Maira Valley was spectacular and the weather was perfect. We had clear view of Monviso, the king of Rocks.

The Maira Valley, as the dolomites in the east alps, are basically limestone. The water goes down in inner river and in late season is not easy to find drinkable water. The Stroppia Waterfall was completely dry and so do other lakes up there. The way down was pretty long and the camping Sorgenti del Maira hosted us for the last night in the Alps. This Val Maira 3 days hike was very nice and because of the company and thanks to the wonderful landscapes.




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