Monte Avic Trek – Mont Glacier

The hike we had in Mont Glacier was a very spectacular and pretty challenging trek. The Mont Avic Natural Park is one of the most beautiful part of Italy and the cozy hut of Borroz maybe the most comfortable and cozy hut in the whole Alps. We did enjoy different weather and we met still the cows up in the mountains with a pretty scary shepherd. The lake of Vavolidec was in amazing shape and we really could not stop woowing about it and the mountain landscape we were looking. I also learned an important card game called asshole and we did have a very hard second day hiking up the 3100 meters of Mont Glacier. We were lucky as the weather, that was supposed to be pretty rainy, was actually ok and from the top of the pic we did saw a very nice view over the many lakes there are in the area which was originally a big glaciers area.

Going back from another path we did encounter a very nice herd of Ibexes laying down in the ridge and we started our loooong desent to the car in Clavalitè valley. It was a real pleasure to spend time with you guys, speaking about politics, nature, girls, gay and any kind of stuff it comes in our mind. Thanks for your company mates!

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