Tour Company Monte Bianco Trek

I have never been guiding such a big group like in this Monte Bianco Trek. There were 20 colleagues from the same company joining for a tour company here in the west Alps. I was a little bit stressed as it is not easy to make everyone happy in such a big group. But I have to say I had lots of luck as the weather was perfect and the location that I choosed made everything very easy! This Tour Company in Monte Bianco Trek was a real success. The company was a bit crazy but I would day delightful. They did laugh, joke and smile for 3 consecutive days. I was able to shut them up only for a couple of hours when we did couple of steep climb. But I have to say I enjoyed every moment with them. I don’t want to bother you with all their names but I was sincerely happy to spend my time togheter with them. It was so funny and even if most of them was not used to mountain hiking they really seemed enjoying the challenge and the spectacular views of Monte Bianco(Mont Blanc in french), the Gran Jorasses and all the other big mountains in between Italian and French Alps.

The location was part of the Tour of Mont Blanc(Giro del Monte Bianco) and it was good that we did climbed the Testa Tronche at more than 2500 meters as up there we did find a bit of silence and wilderness. It was a spectacular weekend and as soon as we’ve been back in the Tour of Mont Blanc the paths were again full of hikers, trekkers and skyrunners(there was a 30 and 90 Kilometers mountain running race). The shelter choosen was perfect and the owner did endured our excitement as better as they could! At the end the group choosed to take the famous Skyway, a new cable car bringing up till Herbronner peak in the glaciers of Monte Bianco while I trekked down the valley. Thank you very much to Fabio, the other guide and to all the partecipants to this fabulous hilarious group. That was funny!

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