Hiking holidays in Italy

Hiking holidays in Italy is not your typical vacation spending your time relaxing in a comfortable hotel. On the contrary it gives you the opportunity to live some days back to basic trekking and walking most of the day time. Italy is not famous in the world not only for the pizza, opera and mafia. Hiking holidays in Italy is one of the best experience you can heave in the heaven on earth. Everyday life is often taking most of our energies. And once it’s holiday time we are willing to rest and relax and the laziness is tempting us. But as you worked all year long, pushing yourself over your limits, it’ s important to keep some energy for the holidays in order to spend energy doing something different: experiencing the wilderness. Italy is an amazing touristic target offering many of the most beautiful city of the World, historical cites, amazing food but also incredible natural spots and beautiful wild environment. This website is promoting the hiking activity in the west Italian Alps. Here is the home of the biggest and most impressive mountain of the whole Alps: Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Gran Combin, Matthernorn, Gran Paradiso, Monviso are the most well known mountains. But Trekking Alps is offering hiking holidays in a wide area were you’ll discover the immense beauty of this territory. Alpine lakes, animal sighting, fresh air and crystal clear water. Nothing is missing. And the fatigue will help you to enjoy even more the beauty that will surround you. We will be able to sleep in the middle of the mountains taking advantage of one of the many shelters and unguarded hut placed all over the Alps. This allows us to travel relatively light, not bringing any tent and camping equipment with us. To see the sunrise over the 2500m…enjoying the first ray of lights heating the world. Meeting an Ibex in their environment. And much more amazing experience in a fantastic hiking holidays. Around the hiking, which will last from 1 to 7 days, you can arrange trip  in one of the unique touristic destination which are reachable near Torino: Cinque Terre, Toscana, Langhe, Cote d’Azure in France. Torino is set in a strategic spot quite near no many amazing place. We will be happy to help you to arrange not only your hiking holidays in the Italian Alps but also planning your whole trip in the nearby beauties.

Here you can see some fantastic videos showing you the beauty of Piedmont, where the trekking will be settled.




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  1. I am interested in a trek for myself (age 50), my wife (52)and daughter (15) of up to 7 days starting sometime between 23rd July-26th July. we are all fit and healthy. Please feel free to contact us.


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