Hiking and travelling in Italy after the Pandemic – Planning 2021

Many people around the world can’t wait to plan finally their holidays.

Our trips to the Alps in this weird 2020 were very few and we really hope many more people will be able to come to our magnificent mountains hiking in the Italian Alps starting as soon as possible. The situation right now is still not good. There are still many people infected with COVID and the social distancing is still part of our daily life. But things should change!

Here you will find an official update from the Italian health minister.

The pandemic is still running but the vaccine just arrive in Italy and Europe and this post are to let you understand what are the conditions in Europe in general and in Italy in particular. My suggestion if you are planning your holidays for 2021 is to plan it for the summer: June to August is very probable that everything will work fine. The vaccine should be available for most people and plus even last year the summer months were very calm in terms of the virus.

In May and April, the mountains are extremely beautiful but it is a bit difficult to predict if the situation in terms of a pandemic will be solved. So my suggestion would be to wait and to only a last-minute trip if you plan to travel in April/May. Honestly, I would not plan a trip in Europe or Italy before April 2021. Again if you have flexibility plan your trip to the Alps in summer 2021. I am very confident that every trip will be possible at that time and the mountains will be at their best: there is nothing like the mountains in the summertime!

If you want to visit our page related to the summer hikes, here it is. If you want the spring one this is the page.


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