Rain: Real Adventure In Nature

When Kristyna come to the Alps I know I’ll not have boring days. In winter snow storm, now rain, lightings and lots of humidity. But we handle it quite good in the Mont Blanc region. Sleeping at Bivacco Pascal is an amazing experience. Pity we could not enjoy the amazing view over the biggest glaciers of Europe but in any case this was a real adventure. We arrived at the hut late evening as we could not start early and the way to Testa di Liconi, where Bivacco Pascal is located is quite long. more than 1400 meters to reach the fantastic spot, a balcony over the Mont Blanc.

We saw all the Alpine fauna possible: chamoixes, ibexes(a group of 11 in Col de Liconi), fat marmots and even squrrels and deers in the wood. The rain is not easy to handle in the mountain and I have to thanks Kri for her will and mental strenght. We had great time because we did overcome the difficult situation togheter and it is a pleasure to live adventure with her.

If you want to join another adventure, next week, come in Gran Paradiso!

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