Val Maira Trek and Amazing Story

This Val Maira Trek was very interesting not only for the hike itself but alos for the people that join it.

What happened with Phil was one of the most incredible thing that happened to me. Phil contacted me in August asking if I could organize an hike starting the 3rd of September. I said yes thinking that I was lucky as my friend Stefano was coming from Australia to marry the 2nd of September and so I could be the guide of the trek with Phil. After a couple of messages with whatsup Phil sent me a message: World is so small with the picture togheter with my friend Stefano. He and his girlfriend Patricia were coming in Italy from Australia(!!) for my same wedding and they thought o have an hike after that… They looked on google and… Trekking Alps! This was just amazing🙂

To join them we had the luck of having the fabulous Rob and Nina, an outstanding couple travelling around the mountains and the world that liked so much the mountains last year that they decided to spend one month in Torino enjoying the hike with Trekking Alps. Unfortunately Nina twisted badly her anke on the last day of this trip and they needed to relax waiting for the next adventure in India. But at least they enjoyed this marvellous three days ring in Val Maira. We did hike in marvelous weather meeting very few people for the entire tour and we did enjoy one of the most spectacular views in the Alps. Rocca Provenzale and Monte Castello are just spectacular and the whole Maira Valley confirm to be one of my favourite destination. The company was tremendous and this three days just flew away with joy!


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