Sacra di San Michele – Breathtaking Alps

The Sacra di San Michele is one of the most important historical sites of Piedmont. Located in a unique place, at the top of the Susa Valley, it is an architectural gem and is presented in all its grandeur from the Middle Ages when it was originally bulit. The trek it is not the only way to reach the Sacra di San Michele. There are many ways to get to the Sacra di San Michele. And if you’re in northern Italy, at least once, you have to visit it. The easy hike that will bring you there start at Chiusa di San Michele or Sant’Ambrogio di Susa which you can reach by car or by train. For the more adventurous there is the via Ferrata: you can rent the via ferrata kit climbing at Punto Vertical of Sant Ambrogio right under the Sacra. You can even reach the beautiful abbey cycling: a beautiful ride starting from Giaveno and, through the Colle Braida, going till0 Avigliana. Or maybe you can reach Sacra di San Michele in trail running or mountain biking or even in the car … You have no excuse: Come to Piedmont to visit this wonder in the Alps. To admire the Sacra di San Michele through foreign eyes helped me to understand its uniqueness. Maryls and Michael are bloggers and journalists partially retired: they have been living and traveling in the Mediterranean coast quite a lot and they run an important blog in which they describe the beauties they encounter. And reading their post  you can easily undesrtand they really enjoyed the hike to the Sacra and the Avigliana Lakes.

Sometimes beauty is in front of us but we do not have the strength and energy to appreciate it. The Sacra di San Michele is always there. Looking our lives down in Susa Valley every single day, but how many times we turn right attention? Beauty must be cultivated, grew, appreciated. And here in Italy we have so many misfortunes and disasters, but also some natural and historical sites that literally are breathtaking.

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