Winter hiking from Singapore to the Alps

This winter is definitley unusual. No snow, warm temperature. Global warming is a fact and this winter is in this trend. Said so, for hiking, having such a mild temperature is pretty good conditions. And Shiqui, a really lovely girl from Singapore, finally found good weather here in Europe after many unfortunate cases. Our winter hiking in Aosta Valley was pretty nice and I really enjoy the company of Shiqui! I learned many things I didn’t know about Singapore and we had nice time in the Alps. We spoke quite a lot understanding reciprocal culture and different style of life. This talks have been very nice and the three days of winter mountain hiking flew away.

We spend a night in a wild hut in the middle of nowhere and we tried an heavy local dish, the Valpolinence: a soup with cabbage, fontina(a smelly local cheese) and bread. We enjoy a fantastic sunset in Valpelline and we sight an hare, a gypetus, a chamois and two foxes. We spend a night in the cozy bed and breakfast gran paradiso which is becoming a very nice partner of Trekking Alps and we visited the fantastic Gran Paradiso national Park.

The landscapes was not coudy free but we have pretty spectacular moments and view. The Alps really gift us an amazing view especially when we where Alps trekking in Gran Paradiso and we saw Mont Blanc, as well as all the mountains in the Cogne Valley. The hike was spectacular and the company really interesting and easy going! Thanks Shiqui for your nice time and hope you enjoied Matterhorn and Cervinia!

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