Season: Winter

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Winter is a rough and amazing season to be in the Alps. Here you find a description of the Winter Hikes articles written in these years of Hiking in the Italian Alps. You’ll find white landscapes and freezing temperatures. And unfortgettable memories!

Wild Winter Snowshoeing

It is amazing how the season can change a place, especially in our beloved mountains. This occasion was perfect for our Photographic winter hiking in the Italian Alps, after 10 days of heavy rain. I was at the Balma shelter four times this year and every time it is a surprising experience. This is due to the magic of the season changing.  Togheter with me and Irene a nice woman from … Read more

Extraordinary afternoon in the Alps with Li Ting from Singapore

Lively and multicultural afternoon in this bright sunny november  in the Italian Alps. For the first time in her life, Li Ting, a very lovely girl coming from Singapore,  touched the snow. As she said, “one of my dreams has come true”. All this fantastic emotions were “packed” in an afternoon starting at the last metro station of Torino(Fermi) at 2PM. Here in Torino the adventure is just around the corner, … Read more

Snowshoeing hiking in the Alps

First of all wish you a wonderful 2014 to everyone! Also this year we are expecting great adventures, hiking and outdoor wonders in the italian mountains. Well begun is half done we say in Italy. Well, this year is started with a wonderful three days, guiding Kat and Alon, two very nice South Africans in our Western Alps in a winter trekking. Not everything has been easy and that is … Read more

Spring snowshoeing hiking

Life is often stressful and scheduled. Every day work, duties and also pleasure are strictly scheduled and life can be considered tiring. The incredible energy which is “supplied” by a mountain hiking like the one we did on Sunday makes your heart in peace with the world. At least this is how I normally feel after a day spent in the nature, getting tired, filling my eyes with the “extreme” … Read more

Night Hiking in the Italian Alps

Hiking in the middle of the Night is a mystic experience! The forest is full of beautiful noises of the wind blowing in the leafs. It is necessary to know the way but the experience of night hiking is very pleasant. The idea was to break the routine of the week days spending every single hour outside of the office in the middle of nowhere. In the Italian Alps, more … Read more

Pachamama: Trekking Alps guides you in the winter hiking of Italy

These days is snowy days in the Alps of Italy! Many people prefers to stay home under the covers but snow offer maybe the best landscape possible and it worth definitely to go out for a marvellous winter hiking, living a magical experience in the mystic environments of deep winter. The snow this year fell late but during this days alps in Italy are totally covered by snow. And go … Read more