Extraordinary afternoon in the Alps with Li Ting from Singapore

Lively and multicultural afternoon in this bright sunny november  in the Italian Alps. For the first time in her life, Li Ting, a very lovely girl coming from Singapore,  touched the snow. As she said, “one of my dreams has come true”. All this fantastic emotions were “packed” in an afternoon starting at the last metro station of Torino(Fermi) at 2PM. Here in Torino the adventure is just around the corner, you just need to go and pick it up. For Li Ting was the first time in Europe where it came primarily for international Salsa festival in Warsaw and Milan; given her interest in hiking, she came to Turin to enjoy our wonderful apline environment in a solo traveller hiking.

After have crossed a forest with many fall colours we climbed up the ridge near Pian dell’Orso watching a fantastic sunset. After that we slowly came down while the dark welcome us in the second part of the afternoon. I’ve never been particularly liked the nights; But in this case, surrounded by brownes and beeches, with the sounds of the wind and the river only as companions, everything seemed enchanted. For a while, we also have walked without the light in order to feel a more complete relationship with the Nature which has the same beauty in Torino and Singapore.

The path at times was not as distinguishable but the place was so nice that the idea of getting lost did not seem to be as bad  as could seem. Even a couple of deer greeted us before going for this usual but extraordinary, half a day in the Turin area. I sincerely thank Li Ting for his candor and enthusiasm directly from Singapore. This trekking was a real success!


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