Photographic winter hiking in Italy

It is amazing how the season can change a place, especially in our beloved mountains. This occasion was perfect for our Photographic winter hiking in the Italian Alps, after 10 days of heavy rain. I was at the Balma shelter four times this year and every time it is a surprising experience. This is due to the magic of the season changing.  Togheter with me and Irene a nice woman from Milan, there was World Path’s team Attilio and Ambra, bloggers and photographers with which it was a real pleasure to hike with. Attilio is a very talented photographer and with him it always become a Photographic trek. This time particularly it was a Photographic winter hiking.

As we were going up the valley still in the middle of the clouds above the horizon a sighed blue sky appreared to us. This has created a magnificent effect with the new-fallen snow giving us the impression of being at the gates of a mountain Paradise.  Undoubtedly we were a dissimilar company but quickly we managed to mixed properly joined by the strongest social glue I ever know: mountain . Thanks to the Alps as usual! Attilio’s pictures finally make justice to these wonderful landscapes. That is why we decided to cooperate with him organizing Photographic workshop with this artist. You can judge for yourself the quality of the photos: This was a real photographic winter hiking!!

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