Val Maira 2 Days Trek

Even two days can be a pretty glorious experience in the Italian Alps. In this Val Maira 2 days trek we did enjoy the solitude and the wildlife of this pretty unknown valley of south Piedmont. We were supposed to go towards Gran Paradiso but the weather in the north west Alps was pretty stormy and horrible so we head south to the fabulous Val Maira. The clouds here were not so many and actually added a mystic flavor to our 2 days trek. The company was fantastic and pretty un-homogenous: Mexico, US, Romania, England, Finald and Italy.

We’ve been hiking in the clouds for one hour and half till when a blue sky slowly came up and we were able to enjoy the absolute beauty of the Alps. Molly asked me if I ever seen an Ibex and thirty minutes later we were just surrounded by them. First we spotted a tens of females with babies. Than, just next to the hut we found 10 big males very relaxed pasturing in the high lands of the Alps. It was very beautiful and I was pretty much moved by this animals, with whom we had an intimate encounter. Silence, clouds, mountains and goats. It was pretty poetic indeed.

We had a nice ravioli dinner and nice chat about life and dreams of all of us and we finally had a nice sleep in the beautiful hut. In the morning we woke up early to avoid the rain of the afternoon and we almost trek to the Camoscere peak at 3000 meters. On the other side of the mountains an apocalyptic stormy landscape was suggesting us to come back. We than slowly came down the valley to the city, coming back to our life full of beauty and of another wonderful trekking experience in the Italian Alps.

Thanks to all participants of this marvelous Val Maira 2 Days Trek.



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