Winter hiking in Aosta Valley: heaven on Earth

There are so many nice touristic sites in Italy famous all over the world. Venice, Florence, Rome, Tuscany, the Dolomites. North west of Italy is not so popular but I can guarantee hiking in Aosta Valley is just heaven on earth. Trekking in summer is fabulous and in winter most of the people dedicate time to sky and snowboard. Nevertheless hiking in winter inaosta Valley it is an amazing experience you will never forget. Hiking in winter is an difficult business: there are many variables which can influence the trek. If in summer the sun is the only mate you want to have, and this is enough, in winter you need to compromise with the wind, the temperatures and of course with the snow conditions which are crucial for any winter outdoor activity.  Snowshoes , crampons or skis? This dilemma strikes the mind of the winter hiker with by this hard choice until the last second of preparation. This was valid also for our amgnificent hiking in aosta valley. According to the snow condition you are expecting, the hiker need to take the right equipment. The other day there was plenty of choice and we opted for crampons and snowshoes. The representer of Trekking Alps and Vertical Life have decided to join their supernatural forces to immerse themselves in their environment for a very special spot: Zermion peak in Aosta valley. Mother Nature welcomed us in a moving way. We decided to set our daily target not less than Mount Zerbion at more than 2700 meters, at the border between Val d’Ayas and Valtournenche in Aosta Valley. This is a magnificent spot very near to the amazing Matterhorn and Monte Rosa, the 4000m more famous of the Alps togheter with Mont Blanc. Himalaya? Andes? Pamir? Altay? Guys you do not need to travel the world if you are in Italy  in order to enjoy breathtaking views National Geographic like: our western Alps in the center of Europe have nothing to envy to any mountain range in the world. And hiking in Aosta valley is something you will certailny never forget. Come to visit the Italian Alps: you’ll be amazed by its wild beauty.


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