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This is a collection of the post related with the Gran Paradiso Area, in the Italian Alps. If you want a more detailed description of the area with the possible responsible trekking tours checks the Gran Paradiso Page.

Winter hiking from Singapore to the Alps

This winter is definitley unusual. No snow, warm temperature. Global warming is a fact and this winter is in this trend. Said so, for hiking, having such a mild temperature is pretty good conditions. And Shiqui, a really lovely girl from Singapore, finally found good weather here in Europe after many unfortunate cases. Our winter hiking in Aosta Valley was pretty nice and I really enjoy the company of Shiqui! … Read more

Adventures for exchange students in Italy

Italy is full of places to visit but in your twenties you are open to new experiences and Italian Alps is offering a lot of amazing adventures that an exchange student can really appreciate. An Adventure for exchange student is perfect here in the Alps! When you have to guide someone coming from Brazil you know it is hard to amaze them. Brazil is such a lovely country with its beaches, … Read more

November Trek with Swim in the Lake

Italy is a wonderful place to visit for many reason and Nature is certainly one of them. But which are the best hikes in Italy? There are so many regions in Italy which would deserve a month of holiday. Sicily, Piedmont, Tuscany, Aosta Valley, and many others. Also of course there are one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Venice, Rome, Florence, Verona and many others. What we … Read more

Gran Paradiso Easy Trek

This three days Gran Paradiso National Park hiking is been designed so that we could sleep in shelters only: that is why we consider it as the Gran Paradiso easy trek. In sleeping in shelters only we had the “luxury” to have our bed waiting for us and we didn’t need to bring our food from the flat land. The two shelters chosen have been the Sella hut and the Sogno hut. … Read more

Wild Gran Paradiso Hike

Since much time I was not experiencing a tough hike in the Alps like the one we did with three heroic Irish guys: Comarc, Dave and Tiarnan. When I spoke via Skype with Comarc in organizing the hike I understood that for this guys on their twenties I can and I must prepare something special: And this wild Gran Paradiso hike for sure it was! I forgot this feeling of … Read more

Snowshoeing in the Gran Paradiso National Park

The choice of where to hike this weekend in our beloved Italian mountains was easy: we went to the biggest, oldest and nicest national park of Italy. We’ve been snowshoeing in the Gran Paradiso National Park; precisely in the Piedmont part of this fantastic Natural sanctuary in the Orco Valley. The Noaschetta shelter is between a refuge and an unguarded hut. You can enjoy there immense luxuries such as beautiful … Read more

Emilius Peak Trekking

The first time I reached the 3630 meters of Rossa peak I was 7. My father tested my mountain attitude the year before and my enthusiasm brought him to bring me hiking there. After many years Rossa Peak is still one of the most beautiful hiking peaks I’ve ever reached. There are several way to reach the top of this peak which is in the real hearth of Gran Paradiso … Read more

Hiking in Gran Paradiso National Park

Hiking in Gran Paradiso National Park is something you will never forget. Experienced hikers, hiking and alpine guides as well as beginners all love this magical place. In the 1920 the beautiful ibex was closed to extinction. Due to the alarming decrease in the ibex population, in 1856, Vittorio Emanuele, the Italian King’s son, declared the Royal Hunting Reserve of the Gran Paradiso. There were 60 animals only at that … Read more

Winter hiking in Italy: "You can get it if you really want"

Today I describe the beautiful feeling of the winter hiking the Italian Alps. You can check in the winter hikes section fo Trekking Alps all the avaiable hikes in this season from december till March. Couple of weeks ago, as the followers of the italian blog know, Trekking Alps explored the Gran Paradiso National Park, hiking in the heart of the winter. The sun was shining and it was not snowing since … Read more