The Beauty: Tuscany and trekking in the Alps

Most of the people joining a Tour in the Italian Alps with Trekking Alps are very much attracted by the Tuscany and trekking as well. Piedmont’s mountains and Tuscany’s hill has something in common and is rare that those who spend some time with me in the mountain then decided not to visit Tuscany as well. It’s not only the beauty of the landscape, the good food and unique wines you can taste in these lands.

It’s the root of human being which you can feel in Tuscany as well as in a Mountain Tour in the Alps. Something you feel in your heart which is similar in these two magical beautiful natural environments.

George Santayana, a Spanish philosopher said: “Earth has music for those who listen”

In case you like the mountain there is not a better place in Tuscany than San Giusto. It is an extremely small village 10Km far from any other town. In order to arrive there you’ll need to take a white road and even cross a river in the rainy season. It’s quite easy to see deer, porcupines, foxes, wild boars, and sometimes even rates. Just a rate last year had made the hole in the basement of San Giusto.

San Giusto in the medieval ages hosts more than 200 people. Now is almost unhabituated. There are only few renewed apartments in which you can live the peace of senses.

In San Giusto, far from every human being you will feel very similar emotions than what you feel in opening your eyes in the a unguarded hut of Lanzo Valley in the middle of a long trekking. In San Giusto trekking is not the only option. You can move to the fantastic scenery of Pienza or Bagno Vignoni. Or move to Montalcino to taste the famous Brunello. Or in case you like rustic food there is a magnificent Trattoria in the near LaBefa where you can find boar and pasta with boar.

Enjoy Italy with the Italian Alps and Tuscany!

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