Trekking Alps: hiking into the wild

Despite adverse physical conditions and a “humid” July ,the hiking into the wild  in the  Lanzo valleys with Titta and Sanna was fabulous. These two girls have travelled in our land in a very special way discovering many of our beautiful places in  Barolo hills before joining the proposal of Trekking Alps in the wild and unfrequented valleys of Lanzo. The trek was organized with overnight stays in unguarded huts that made the trekking even more special and “wild” experience. The clouds that for two of the three days covered us made the landscapes even more beautiful, helping to create a mystical atmosphere and wonderful views as you can see from photos and videos. As rightly pointed out by Titta “We remember more experiences where the weather was bad rather than good weather situations”.

And then it’s just been a pleasure to deal with these special girls these days with the right spirit of adventure and discovery, which are essential to fully enjoy the wonders that come out day by day revelaed from the clouds, up to the green lakes, real pearl of the province of Turin, that in other places would be sold as a Nature Wonder of the and here you can find and enjoy in total solitude. With only the wind embracing you and the Torre d’Ovarda(3100m) dominating the valley.


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