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Winter hiking in Italy: “You can get it if you really want”

Today I describe the beautiful feeling of the winter hiking the Italian Alps. You can check in the winter hikes section fo Trekking Alps all the avaiable hikes in this season from december till March. Couple of weeks ago, as the followers of the italian blog know, Trekking Alps explored the Gran Paradiso National Park, hiking in the heart of the winter. The sun was shining and it was not snowing since … Read more

Welcome to hiking alps! blog

This is the first post of the hiking alps blog  which offers hiking guide service in Italian mountains. The aim of the blog is to group all the mountain and nature lovers and let the world discover the beauties of italian Alps. In this blog I will collect all the activity linked with mountain and more in general with passions. It is importanto to know that Italy is not only … Read more