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This is a collection of the post related to trekking in Italy in the Alps near Turin, in the Northwest of the Italian Alps. If you want a more detailed description of the package hikes and trekking tours offered by Trekking Alps checks the Turin Alps Page. All the features and many different hikes are there described. Also for tailor made hikes just fill the form here.

Hiking holidays in Italy

Hiking holidays in Italy is not your typical vacation spending your time relaxing in a comfortable hotel. On the contrary it gives you the opportunity to live some days back to basic trekking and walking most of the day time. Italy is not famous in the world not only for the pizza, opera and mafia. Hiking holidays in Italy is one of the best experience you can heave in the … Read more

Wild Winter Snowshoeing

It is amazing how the season can change a place, especially in our beloved mountains. This occasion was perfect for our Photographic winter hiking in the Italian Alps, after 10 days of heavy rain. I was at the Balma shelter four times this year and every time it is a surprising experience. This is due to the magic of the season changing.  Togheter with me and Irene a nice woman from … Read more

Extraordinary afternoon in the Alps with Li Ting from Singapore

Lively and multicultural afternoon in this bright sunny november  in the Italian Alps. For the first time in her life, Li Ting, a very lovely girl coming from Singapore,  touched the snow. As she said, “one of my dreams has come true”. All this fantastic emotions were “packed” in an afternoon starting at the last metro station of Torino(Fermi) at 2PM. Here in Torino the adventure is just around the corner, … Read more

Rocciamelone International Mountain Expedition

Hiking around the world is an amazing experience. I personally like very much our mountains in the neighbourhood of Turin. You can find many different environments, landscapes and difficulties. This time we choose to explore the high mountain enviroment of highlands at the end of the Lanzo Valley with the main target of Rocciamelone Peak, in Susa valley. Despite the trail was far from being easy and despite the different … Read more

From India to the Italian Alps

Eating Indian curry in a mountain hut on a trek in Piedmont is an amazing emotion. Amazing like the rest of the wonderful feelings of the hiking with Puja and Karthink in Orsiera Rocciavrè Park, in Italian Alps. Maybe the highlight of the tour was waking up in the morning with a family of ibexes. Including the quarrel between brothers  and dad who reproaches them with its long horns. The … Read more

Trekking Alps: hiking into the wild

Despite adverse physical conditions and a “humid” July ,the hiking into the wild  in the  Lanzo valleys with Titta and Sanna was fabulous. These two girls have travelled in our land in a very special way discovering many of our beautiful places in  Barolo hills before joining the proposal of Trekking Alps in the wild and unfrequented valleys of Lanzo. The trek was organized with overnight stays in unguarded huts … Read more

Orsiera Solo Peak Climbing

The common image of the solitary hiker in the Alps, in Himalaya or in any mountain range of the world is the one who wants to be away from everything and everyone. At least, that’s the cliché: a hermit in the middle of Nature that disdains the world of human beings and takes refuge through the peaks. Actually my feeling in being alone in the mountain cannot be further than … Read more

Val Maira 3 Days Hike

The exploration of the Orsiera Rocciavrè Natural Park never seems to end. This time with a solitary trek, from Susa Valley, above Villarfocchiardo to Colle del Vento , via Rifugio Pian Amprimo and the Pian dell’Orso. Solitude is not the correct adjective as far as , bears aside, I was in good company of birds , hares , marmots and 5 ibex placid . The Alps, after all these years … Read more

Discover Turin: Olympic city surrounded by the Alps

Turin is not well known only for the mountain hiking in the Alps. Only someone retires to the mountains to enjoy the snow in the winter, to climb on a real rock wall in spring, and to enjoy a hike under the sun in one of our beautiful valley of  the Alps. “Turin is my home”, wrote Culicchia, and I think the same, because Turin is not a city like … Read more

Snowshoeing hiking in the Alps

First of all wish you a wonderful 2014 to everyone! Also this year we are expecting great adventures, hiking and outdoor wonders in the italian mountains. Well begun is half done we say in Italy. Well, this year is started with a wonderful three days, guiding Kat and Alon, two very nice South Africans in our Western Alps in a winter trekking. Not everything has been easy and that is … Read more

Lanzo Valleys - Wilderness in Europe

If you are travelling around Italy and you want to see some natural places after all the historical and cultural beauty of this country and the wilderness of Lanzo Valley are the right place for you. Wilderness in Europe: Italy has very anthropic environment but still there are amazing wild valleys to explore and Lanzo valleys are one of those. This post is showing you the amazing views from the … Read more

Spring snowshoeing hiking

Life is often stressful and scheduled. Every day work, duties and also pleasure are strictly scheduled and life can be considered tiring. The incredible energy which is “supplied” by a mountain hiking like the one we did on Sunday makes your heart in peace with the world. At least this is how I normally feel after a day spent in the nature, getting tired, filling my eyes with the “extreme” … Read more

Foresto: Via Ferrata in Italy

Have you ever tried to do a Via Ferrata? Basically Via Ferrata allows you to go where  it would be impossible or very difficult with some artificial help. Ferro in italian means Iron. In the mountain some steps and an iron rope is settled to allows people to proceed in security. Maybe the most beautiful and for sure the more spectacular Via Ferrata we have in our territory is the … Read more

Night Hiking in the Italian Alps

Hiking in the middle of the Night is a mystic experience! The forest is full of beautiful noises of the wind blowing in the leafs. It is necessary to know the way but the experience of night hiking is very pleasant. The idea was to break the routine of the week days spending every single hour outside of the office in the middle of nowhere. In the Italian Alps, more … Read more

Hiking the Alps: 1 place,100 different excursions

Sourela Peak is a perfect example of 12months a year hiking.  Hiking the alps offers for every season a different trekking and experience . What we faced on sunday was the winter version, snowshoeing. Alps beauty is the ductility of the activity you can do. Andes are wilder, Himalayan landscapes are more spectuacular but Alps offer a very huge choice and opportunities all year long for everybody, not only for … Read more

Pachamama: Trekking Alps guides you in the winter hiking of Italy

These days is snowy days in the Alps of Italy! Many people prefers to stay home under the covers but snow offer maybe the best landscape possible and it worth definitely to go out for a marvellous winter hiking, living a magical experience in the mystic environments of deep winter. The snow this year fell late but during this days alps in Italy are totally covered by snow. And go … Read more

Hiking guide in the alps: Susa Magic Ring

Today Susa Magic Ring trekking is presented; live an adventure with an experienced hiking guide to discover the spectacular alpine environments. In this trekking, fit for families and children, explores some very interesting and peculiar places with wild animals and historical places. During the second world war French and Italian soldiers were fighting in this region and now many fortifications and hidden shelters are still present. Susa is a Romanic … Read more