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This is a collection of the post related to trekking in Italy in the Alps near Turin, in the Northwest of the Italian Alps. If you want a more detailed description of the package hikes and trekking tours offered by Trekking Alps checks the Turin Alps Page. All the features and many different hikes are there described. Also for tailor made hikes just fill the form here.

November Trek with Swim in the Lake

Italy is a wonderful place to visit for many reason and Nature is certainly one of them. But which are the best hikes in Italy? There are so many regions in Italy which would deserve a month of holiday. Sicily, Piedmont, Tuscany, Aosta Valley, and many others. Also of course there are one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Venice, Rome, Florence, Verona and many others. What we … Read more

Climbing the Alps: Torre d'Ovarda

Climbing the Alps is an activity which is outside of Trekking Alps range as it’s a job for alpine guides. Soon we will cooperate with Alpine guide which will be able to bring you in the top mountains of Europe such as Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso and many others. The images of today come from the less famous but still very beautiful Torre d’Ovarda, in Viu valley, Piedmont region. … Read more

November Trek with Swim in the Lake

It was a funny and a bit crazy this November trek with Attilio and Ambra on the Halloween week end this year. As usual, the mountains welcomed us in an amazing way and we really could enjoy spectacular views of Viu Valley and all the Graian Alps. The target was Ciarm del Prete, at 2400 meters and we did reach that and did much more in our daily hike. When … Read more

Trekking in October

Trekking in the Alps in the autumn can be very enjoyable. Despite the not optimal weather hiking the Alps from Turin was once again the bearer of joy and enthusiasm. Thanks especially to Mr. Hu Jian, magnificent original man from the countryside near Beijing gliding in the Alps for an adventure outside the ordinary. Le gloomy days did not spoil our always cheerful and positive moral and we had a … Read more

October trek in Orsiera Natural Park

October trek this year was awsome! I was licky to have the chance to involve in this hike a magnificent goup of people coming from many different place of the planet. And as usual the international environment made it possible to learn a lot of different things. Difference is richness: and we were definitley very different this time. In this  Orsiera hike we definitely had lots of things to learn … Read more

Best view of Fenestrelle Fort: Monte Albergian

The best view of Fenestrelle fort is certainly from Monte Albergian. This is from where you can best spot the famous fortess. Albergian is one of the most popular and higher peak of Chisone Valley and from up there(more than 3000 meters) the Fenestrelle Fort is just down your feet. Another great thing is that we could go to see the Fenestrelle Fort at its best view in an intense and … Read more

Discover Piedmont Mountains with Nim&Nim

Piedmont region, in the north west of Italy is a magnificent touristic attraction. The reason why I would never live outside Piedmont is because of the Alps of course. When Nimsha asked mr for Rocciamelone even though it was the first experience for her and his husband Nimesh I had a B plan ready in my pocket. And it is quite easy here as there are so many beautiful option … Read more

Tour of Bessanese: Wine expedition!

Tour of Bessanese is a magnificent hike in the north west corner of Italy. It’s a 4 days hike and there is a certain degree of flexibility that make possible to arrange an hike with different degree of difficulty. With Elizabeth and Steven, a very nice Canadian couple which is about to marry, we choose to go for the hard option with the climbing of Croce Rossa peak at 3566m. … Read more

Wine Expedition: Tour of Bessanese

Tour of Bessanese is a magnificent hike in the north west corner of Italy. It’s a 4 days hike and there is a certain degree of flexibility that make possible to arrange an hike with different degree of difficulty. With Elizabeth and Steven, a very nice Canadian couple which is about to marry, we choose to go for the hard option with the climbing of Croce Rossa peak at 3566m. … Read more

Roccialemone: adaptation to altitude

Sleeping at the top of the Rocciamelone Peak is a unique experience. It is perfect for adaptation to altitude for hiking Mont Blanc or any other big peak in the Alps. There are not many huts at this altitude, moreover so easy to reach. We enjoyed togheter with Grant and Ethan a wonderful week end with marvelous sunrise and sunset. From the 3500 meters of Rocciamelone peak no other mountains are … Read more

Alps wilderness in Piedmont

This is a paradise of wilderness in Piedmont: the marvelous Green Lakes in Ala valley. The images you’ll find here are relative of two hikes I did in a different period of this summer: one in June and the other in July. The images of this post are relatives to these two nice experiences. The landscapes changed quite a lot even though the two hikes were done less than one … Read more

Birthday in the Italian Alps

Another incredible adventure was waiting for me in this end of June. Somayeh and her 6 Iranian friends came to enjoy her birthday in the Italian Alps. We planned this birthday in the Alps many months ago and finally the date came and we started our hike through the Cibrario shelter, in Viu Valley. Somayeh came with her husband and other 5 nice Iranian friends, renting a car from Milan … Read more

Sunrise at Gran Paradiso - Leonessa Hut

Everytime I see the mountain view of Gran Paradiso from Cogne my heart feels at home. I spent my first 13 summers in this place and even after have travelled the world all over I did not find any place as beautiful as this one. Gran Paradiso National Park is the first National Park in Italy and the widest. Cogne is in the heart of this alpine beautiful Mountain Park … Read more

Marriage proposal from NY to Mont Blanc!

When Richard told me via Skype that he was thinking of asking the hand of girlfriend Natalie during the trekking oin the Italian Alps with me I was incredibly happy! I really wanted to prepare something special and I looked the best location for many days. And I thought that the Mont Blanc view was necessary for a marriage proposal! Coming from New York to the Italian Alps for a wedding proposal is … Read more

From Hawaii to the Italian Alps

When I decided to become an hiking guide I wanted to mix my favourite worlds: mountain and international environment. In any of my best dreams I could think to get in touch with such amazing diversity in people and multicultural experience. After Egypt, South Africa, China, India and US I was thinking that I could not have persons from further places. And instead in this May Hike I had the amazing … Read more

Trekking in April

This Hiking in April  near Turin was very special for the Trekking Alps team! It was so special not because of the place: the refuge Balma and Monte Robinet is a super classic of April May season, but this time the group was particularly big  and … fresh. Four American around their twenties (coming from various origins) and a German girl more the fantastic assistants, companions and friends Betta and World Path’s … Read more

Sacra di San Michele - Breathtaking Alps

The Sacra di San Michele is one of the most important historical sites of Piedmont. Located in a unique place, at the top of the Susa Valley, it is an architectural gem and is presented in all its grandeur from the Middle Ages when it was originally bulit. The trek it is not the only way to reach the Sacra di San Michele. There are many ways to get to the … Read more

Santa Cristina Sanctuary - Daily Hike from Torino

I am surpised mysef how I can still discover such beautiful places next to my beloved home. In order to greet the 2015 Spring I decided to reach the Santa Cristina Sanctuary above Ceres. This place is very famous among locals but for some reason I had never been there. Ceres is a small village at the starting point of Ala and Grande valleys, at only 40 minutes by car from … Read more

Winter Adventure in Europe

If you want to live a real winter adventure in Europe you are in the right place in the web. Trekking Alps borned in 2012 for letting the world discover the Natural beauties of Italian Alps. And this is possible all year long. Yash and Diwani from India join the winter hiking adventure and we really enjoy a wonderful 2 days in the west Alps. For Diwani was a first … Read more

Winter hiking in the Alps

The winter hiking in the Alps, more specifically in the Viu Valley has definitely been one of the most exciting adventures so far proposed by Trekking Alps . If the weather should have been in our favor with sunshine and mild temperatures we did not considered a variable that has definitely had an strong impact on our winter hike in the Alps. The wind. Bossy, cheeky (meaning it was slapping … Read more